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Prices of Engagement Rings in Ghana

Have you ever wondered why the engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger? It’s based on the fact that that finger has a vein that connects directly to the heart, the Vena Amoris, meaning ‘vein of love. This type of ring is also sometimes called a Promise Ring. Getting to know the types of engagement rings in Ghana and their prices is very important before you start planning. Although It’s usually used during a marriage proposal between a couple, it can also be used during a formal engagement ceremony, which typically happens after the knocking ceremony in Ghana. 

We at Rings4lessgh, are ready to provide you with exquisitely-looking rings with the highest build and quality available at the most affordable prices. Let us take you through some Engagement rings in Ghana and their prices.


Types of Engagement rings in Ghana and their prices  

Engagement rings in Ghana and their prices will vary and are usually based on the material used, the style, cut and the type or number of stones used. The prices of our rings shown below are based on the cut, metal used, number of bands the rings have, whether or not it comes in a set and how it has been intricately designed.

 Below, we show you the various types of engagement rings in Ghana and their prices.


  • Classic Ring Styles: this is the most common type of engagement you will find on the market. You will recognize it easily because it features a centre stone and a simple band. It is classic because it never goes out of style. 

Price Range: Sterling silver–250ghc to 350ghc

             Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold–1150ghc

             10k gold–1300ghc

             14k gold—1650ghc

             18k gold–2050ghc


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  • Halo Engagement Rings:  this comes in two forms: the single halo and the double halo. It has a centre stone that is accompanied by a circle of diamonds or gemstones which surround it which gives the centre stone an illusion of looking bigger. The double halos do give the ring the same illusion but much bigger and are preferable for brides who want to make a statement.

 Price Range: Sterling silver- 550ghc

            Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold–1000ghc

             10k gold–1127ghc

             14k gold—1382ghc

             18k gold–1620ghc

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  • Three Stone Engagement Ring: sometimes referred to as the “trilogy” this type of ring features a large centre stone with two slightly smaller stones on the side. Some trilogy rings can have additional gemstones added on each side. 

Price Range: Sterling silver- GHs 300 to 550gh

            Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold–735ghc

             10k gold–780ghc

             14k gold—960ghc

             18k gold–1102ghc 


  • Cluster Engagement Ring: it features a stone in the centre and has smaller or equally shaped stones circularly surrounding the larger stone.

Price Range: 

             Solid Silver–500ghc to 550gh

             Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold–700ghc

             10k gold–752ghc

             14k gold—927ghc

             18k gold–1067ghc


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  • Solitaire Engagement Ring: it is modern, timeless and just beautiful; it has one single stone in the centre with a simple band or an embellished one.

Price Range: Silver–650ghc 

             Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold– 1250ghc to 2345ghc

             10k gold–1450ghc to 2520ghc

             14k gold—1750ghc to 2940ghc

             18k gold–2150ghc to 3325ghc


  • Twist Engagement Ring: it looks just like the solitaire engagement ring but it features two wedding bands intertwined together, with one band intricately paved with more stones.

Price Range: Silver–250ghc to 700ghc

             Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold–3150ghc to 1522ghc

             10k gold–3350ghc to 1645ghc

             14k gold—3850ghc to 1907ghc

             18k gold–4650ghc to 2292ghc


  • Bezel Engagement Ring:  it also features on single stone but the metal is moulded in a way that allows it to hold the stone in place with the metal encasing slightly ver the edges of the stone

Price Range: Solid Silver–500ghc to 550gh


  • Pavé Engagement Rings: from the french word for “paving” this type of ring has several small diamonds or stones accentuating the main stone, creating a field of sparkle.

Price Range: Solid sterling silver–550ghc

             Yellow Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold 

             9k gold–1312ghc

             10k gold–1382ghc

             14k gold—1697ghc

             18k gold–1977ghc


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What is the price of a diamond engagement ring in Ghana?

If you are in the market for a true diamond ring, then be prepared to pay through the nose for one. But before you barge into a shop looking for one do extensive research on diamonds. Averagely, diamond rings in Ghana depending on the cut can range from GHs 5,000 to over GHs 36,000. Know that there are alternative stones and metals you can get on the market; at Rings4lessgh we promise to provide you with alternatives that are just as beautiful as any diamond ring. Nevertheless, we also have top-notch quality diamond rings you can check out. 


Looking for cheaper options in engagement rings doesn’t mean compromising quality. Rings4lessgh you can find beautiful gemstones that can be used to match sterling silver, titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten in our shops. However, most of these prices sometimes fluctuate so it’s best to contact us at the time when you are ready so that we can give you the most accurate prices and even maybe a discount. Whether your choice is a classic ring or a double halo, the ring you end up giving to your significant other should truly represent the love, honour, and commitment you will share for many years to come.


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